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Web Design Course has continuously been one of the best lucrative jobs which attract thousands of educated youngsters every year.Web design is one of the important departments in any I.T. company and without which creative and beautiful website design cannot be imagined.Because of promising career, scope for creativity, high paying salary and challenging job, a lot of youngsters opt for career as a web designer.But in most of the cases, candidates make mistake while taking right decision in right time. Also, makes blunder in choosing right training institute and in spite of paying hefty fees, one ends up either getting very less salaried job or no job at all.Whether one wants to do web design course or any such career related I.T. course, most of the students get confused where to learn so that one gets value of money as well as 100% Job guarantee after completing this course.DigiVidyaAcademy is one of the best Web Design Training center in Faridabad which assures you of high-quality, placement focused and real-world projects based training.Does this mean that you have to shell out thousands of rupees for getting this advance and current industry oriented course? No, not at all, our course fee is much less than other web designs training institutes in Faridabad.


The question remains, when there is no dearth of I.T. training institutes in Faridabad which promise job placement assistance, then what sets DigiVidyaAcademy apart from other institutes?Here are the reasons why you should choose for web design course in Faridabad at DigiVidyaAcademy



Sr. No. HTML Sr. No. CSS 2 Sr. No. CSS3
1. BASIC HTML 1. Basic use of css 1. Animation with CSS
2. Basic HTML Tags 2. Formatting the page with CSS 2. Borders,CSS3 Backgrounds
3. Hyperlink 3. Understanding DIV 3. Text Effects, Fonts
4. Images 4. Make a simple website using DIV/CSS 4. 2D Transforms, 3D Transforms
5. Form 5. Creating menu with CSS 5. Transitions, Animations
6. Table 6. 6. Transitions, Animations
7. 7. 7. User Interface
1. Basic JavaScript JavaScript Basic Tags String
2. Array Functions JQUERY
3. Basic JQuery jQuery Introduction & Basic Tags Hide/Show
4. jQuery Fade jQuery Slide jQuery Animate
5. jQuery stop() jQuery Callback jQuery Chaining
Sr. No. HTML5
1. Intro
2. Slice your Design with HTML5
3. New Elements
4. Canvas/SVG
5. Drag/Drop
6. Relocation
7. Video / Audio
8. Input Types
9. Form Elements
10. Form Attributes
1. Learn to use tools of Photoshop
2. Photo editing
3. Photo Mixing
4. Creating banners
5. Understand filters
6. Create one website layout
7. Using Text Editor
8. Using Text Editor
9. Menus, tools, panes
10. Images and multimedia
11. Layouts, Layers, CSS and tables
12. Java scripts insertion
13. Creating first Website
14. Corel Draw
15. Drawing with Corel Draw
16. Logo Design With Corel Draw
17. Editing .eps files
18. Export Logo into JPEG or png
1. Do your slicing with responsive website How to use HTML5 for responsive How to use CSS3 for responsive
2. Project BOOTSTRAP Download latest version of Bootstrap
3. Install and configure Understanding BootStrap Grid System Creating rows
4. Creating columns Creating cells with the grid system Make a responsive photo gallery
5. CSS with Bootstrap Use bootstrap classes for content, images and study how to override those styles. Understanding BootStrap Components
5. Use inbuilt components like navigation, breadcrumbs, paginations, icons, etc UseJquery with Bootstrap Add JavaScript components like dropdown menus, tooltips, popovers, alert boxes, etc to your pages
Sr. No. What is Angular JS
1. Expression and Directives
2. Controller View and Model
3. AngularJS Filters
4. Angular JS form validation
6. Less Introduction
7. Less installation
8. How to run Less on the Server
9. Getting started with LESS
10. Hello World LESS
11. What is variable in Less
12. How to Use Variables in Less
13. Understanding Mixin
14. Creating a Mixin
15. What is Nested Rules
16. Refactoring Rules
17. Using namespaces and scoping
18. SASS
Sr. No. SEO Ready Website
1. What is SEO and SEO friendly websites?
2. Why we need to design an SEO friendly websites
3. Design factors which affect SEO
4. Things we need to keep in mind while coding a website
5. HTML code optimization
6. Proper use of h1,h2..h6 tags
7. Meta title, description and keywords optimization
8. Page load optimization
9. Image optimization
10. Links and navigation optimization
10. Links and navigation optimization
11. URL optimization
12. Understanding Schema and Micro formats
13. How to minify CSS and JavaScript
15. Host Introduction
16. Host email & domains
17. How to build a websites?
18. FTP and host technology
19. Host type

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